Insurance Carriers & Corporate Directives That Inspire Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to inspiring our business team in the direction of integrity, efficiency, ethics and principle, leading by example might usually be the most powerful vehicle. A leader is always being observed carefully by his staff, whether he’s aware of it or not. His language, his reactions to everyday issues, his demeanor and almost every aspect of his character, are being closely watched by those who see him as the corporate standard. Coworkers might have different levels of interest as to what their boss does and even multiple interpretations of how he handles himself, but, most likely, a leader will have an audience for good or for bad. Therefore leaders, without sacrificing sincerity and authenticity, must always have an awareness of who they’re being within their organization.    

This dynamic also transcends to issues involving productivity and processes within an enterprise. Great character and reasonable decision making are not enough to trickle the example across the company’s structure. Specific initiatives with thorough training and comprehensive implementation, are extraordinary complements for materializing a productive well-rounded operation. For example, if a CEO wants a lean and efficient company where all resources are used intelligently, a concrete plan should be designed where detailed, yet simple actions will allow team members to bring this approach to life in their daily activities. A sustainable campaign should be put in place where everyone has access anytime to the information of what’s expected from them and how to act on it in any given moment. Continued training should also be available readily.

Insurance carriers are no exception to this logic. In fact, the complexity of this unique business begs for clarity and specificity in all its processes. It won’t suffice to expect managers and adjusters to protect the bottom line and practice sustainability, but a consistent strategy must be implemented. These teammates might very well be committed to their jobs, but without directives from their executives, closing claims quickly will be the instinctive objective. A more specific plan towards thinking outside the box is required, i.e. more leeway when making decisions as to how to approach a claim, maybe reaching out to new consultants that can potentially provide alternatives to old-fashioned and costly practices. In this very dynamic globalized market, it’s crucial to keep an eye on new players that might’ve been overlooked in the past, who could very well be gamechangers triggered into the equation by a proactive leader that’s willing to change his mind frame and his organization’s a day at a time.


Andres Rodriguez

Senior Marketing Consultant

Nativo Inc.

Andres Rodriguez