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Floor Matching*& Repair Options

Our unmatched success rate (over 52% in 2019) provides you with a powerful tool to adjust or settle your claim. Once several materials have been acquired, an onsite inspection is completed to contrast the subject flooring and determine if there is a match* for a repair. Aside from direct access to the marketplace, we currently stock over 6,100 discontinued flooring selections in our warehouses, making this a highly efficient process.

Flooring Material Pricing & Construction Estimates

Our extensive data base and experience allows us to provide quick and reliable pricing for any flooring material as well as thorough construction estimates.


Flooring Cause of Loss Inspections

Our added experience of over 30 years in the flooring trade will provide you with the certainty and peace of mind required for a reasonable settlement.


Beyond Consulting

We've been in this unique trade for 12 years, adding great value to your adjusting process. Now we've created new and revamped services to become the homeowners insurance trade leading flooring and construction consultants.